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Dealer Locator, Custom Routing, Custom Applications

800 ANSWER utilizes a state of the art electronic routing platform that identifies where the caller is calling from and routes the calls to specified locations. This is designed through the use of Toll-Free numbers which allow us to capture the number from the calling party. Once the number is captured, we can route the call to the closest location to the calling party, rotate calls among several locations through geographic distribution or simply give the calling party the choice of choosing through the use of automated prompts.

Whichever model is chosen, it remains seamless to the calling party. Custom applications are our specialty for this service, whether you have 5000 stores nationwide and you are conquering a nationwide advertising campaign or you simply have 7 locations around the United States and want to utilize 4 digit dialing to all of your employees without the use of tie lines or a complex speed dialing system, we can design and implement your solution.
800 Answer is your Answer!
800 Answer utilizes a state of the art electronic routing platform.