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Fixed Territories

Locates stores, dealers, or distributors by specific territories by the following criteria:
  • State
  • Country
  • Area Code
  • Zip Code
  • Unique Polygon Mapping
  • Can be done with a greeting and/or menu choice or invisibility by an instant connection
Nearest Location

Connects the caller directly to the closest location to the caller, by longitude and latitude.
  • Can be done with a greeting and/or menu choice or invisibility by an instant connection
Menu Choices

A menu can give callers additional options to show a wide variety of option including:
  • The nearest location
  • Locations in a different area
  • Main Office
  • Customer Service
  • Fully customizable step down menus
  • Fax back information or other types of information
Locator Options

  • Whisper Messages
    • A short greeting can alert the person answering the phone at the local store that the incoming call is coming from the Locator service.
  • Individual Location Accounting and Billing
    • Bills and activities reports can be sent to the main office and/or to each individual office. *By allocating the cost of each call to the office receiving the call, many businesses can actually save money while providing better service and most importantly increasing sales.
  • Next Closest
    • Callers can be given the option of pressing # to be connected at any time to the next closest location. This is extremely helpful when a location may be closed or unavailable.
  • No Location Available
    • If a caller is calling from an area without any location within a predefined range, or if no location in the area is open, the caller can be connected to an over flow answering service or corporate operator. This is extremely helpful for assessing areas of unfulfilled need within your organization.
We have a wide range of locator options and advanced capabilities and would be happy to discuss how to meet your unique business challenges.

Give us a call and see how we can DRIVE new prospects and sales to your local businesses.